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Software development

The automotive industry is undergoing a revolutionary change where traditional mechanically controlled and fossil driven vehicles are decreasing in favor for electronic and more software oriented vehicles. Therefore, most innovations rely on advanced software solutions. This development gives us the opportunity to make cars more capable, more sustainable and enabling more user-friendly functions. InnovationLink has many years of experience in software development from the automotive industry. Our experience extends throughout the entire development process – from concept to industrialization and aftermarket-phase. We work with agile development and our expertise covers the entire software cycle. We offer expertise in full stack development, software development, system design, verification, project management and much more.

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Functional safety & Cyber security 

Due to the increase of software controlled functions and algorithms, systems are becoming more vulnerable. For instance, cyber-attacks and functions faults can occur. Thus, functional safety and cyber security is of great importance in order to secure both data and the cars’ functionality. Our team of professionals in Functional Safety & Cyber Security provides their experience in all development phases.  We provide expertise in the following areas: Hazard Analysis (HARA), Technical Safety Concept (TSC), Functional Safety Concept (FSC), Safety Element out of context (SEooC), Safety of the intended function (SOTIF), Safety case (System and SW level), Cyber security analysis, Threat Assessment and Remediation Analysis (TARA), Threat analysis and Attack path analysis.


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Our team is characterized by drive, experience and a burning interest in technology. We focus on creating a pleasant environment for our consultants and their teams at our clients. Our strategy is:

By constantly minimizing the company’s overhead costs, we have more possibilities to invest in our employees.”

Instead of expensive offices, we invest in ourselves as employees. This means that at InnovationLink, we have tailor-made solutions, tailored to the needs of our consultants; some prefer leasing cars, others prioritize longer vacations. Through our flexibility we can guarantee highly motivated engineers who deliver the highest quality.

We have several years of experience and have carried out assignments throughout the entire development process. Our engineers are experienced in Infotainment, Autonomous Drive, Connectivity, Electric Propulsion and Powertrain.


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